When A 15 year old Babysits.....

Your 5 yearold takes advantage of the big screen tv and runs around in his underwear, and your 20 month old wears her 0-3 month old (now baby dolls) clothes. \\

Complaining? NOOO WAY! Clint and myself got to go out to dinner without our children. nice!

I did unload my camera and find Terri and Mason running around and looking ohhh so cute. JUST my personal opinion.

Terri IS wearing disposable...THIS IS WHAT happens when your "poopy trained" (poops in the potty) 1 1/2 year old has eaten WAY too many organic raisins and grapes! can you say diarrhea?

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  • Stam House said...

    Just adorable!!!! they look like they had fun!


  • Wendy said...

    Aren't teenage babysitters the best?!? They have so much fun with the kids and KNOW how to run your camera to catch these cute moments!! Oh and does Mason EVER wear clothes?!? LOL!!