Naturalist Class.....

Mason has the opportunity to take some "Naturalist Classes", thanks Tina. So today I took him to the first. He loved it. The children got to go to a STAFF only section while us moms and dads had to wait inthe nature center. After (whatever they did in there for 45 minutes) they went on a nature hike. Mason and Ben were the only boys with the large group of girls. Which is fine with me, because I KNOW the more boys the more likely they will act out of line. (I'll go ahead and add that the ladies came up to me at the end and complimented Masons good behavior and excellent mannors. whoo hooo too me! I mean him.) She said the boys wanted to explore in the woods more than the girls but that figures.

Terri stayed in the Nature Center with me and I hung out with the other moms and our Pastor. Terri was really interested in the fish. She walked up to the turtle and kept calling it "frog frog." Close enough!!! :-D

Here are some of the pictures...OH AND MAKAYLA IS ADORABLE!!! (all 5 of the Pastor and Lindies daughters are gorgeous!!)

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