Our blue eyed girl!

Can someone tell me why in the past few days I have been so exhausted? Geez! I mean no posts for 4 days... Thats just awful. I've had the worst back pains and I've just been plain ol lazy!!!!!

So here is a slide show of a t-shirt Terris Jade got for her birthday...

and yes I did have t do a whole entire slide show of one shirt!! Have I mentioned before that I love Target? The shirt says (if you can't read it in one of her 20 pictures) "Everyone loves a blue eyed girl!" Chris got it for her along with a 5T tank top that looked like an infants dress. {He tried!}

Terri is playing peek a boo with the wash cloth and my shorts...she does this all day with every thing! Here she is playing peek a boo Saturday morning when she woke up.

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