Amy Mays Mei Tai!!!!

So I got my new Mei Tai last Friday...actually the mail man slipped it in the box right as we were leaving to go shopping (for decorations) for Terris party! So of course it was the perfect time to try it out!! I have never owned a Mei Tai of my own before so I was stoaked!!! (Is that a word or slang?~ya'll know what I mean!) So as we go to get out of the truck at Party City (should have went to Target to begin with) I pull out the Mei Tai...Clint's first reaction ..."Lets just get a buggy for her" He thought that it would take forever to wrap. Let me say by the time he unbuckled Mason and got to the back of the truck I had already finished!!!!

I wore it no problem from store to store and on the way home I threw it in the cute little carrying case she sent with it! It folds up really small, which is great to put in a diaper bag!

So on Sunday afternoon I had a fussy baby. I also had a dirty house...what did I do? Meeeei Taaaaaai!! Hello! Here is the slide show of me cleaning and Terri sleeping! I also had it on Tuesday at the park. I didn't get a chance to use it but Andrea sure did!! (she wore it when I got my hair cut Friday night too!) She loved it so much she got one too!!! Neither one of us could get over how light and airy they actually were!

I must say I have tried different types of Mei Tais before and I love mine the best. I will say that the baby ball (that Andrea has) has longer straps but since I am not a larger woman and since Clint most likely won't use the Mei Tai it is no problem. Amy actually explained that she uses a lighter fabric b/c it cuts back on the costs. Well hello it's 95 degrees outside I'd prefer a lighter one thank you!!! Neither Andrea nor I could get over how light and airy they actually were!

If you are interested you can go to her ebay and look up the great Mei Tais shes got for sell. HERE They are selling between $20-$30!!! That is HALF the price of most others! If she is sold out when you look simply email her. Amy is so sweet you can easily tell her what you are looking for. Here is Andrea wearing the Mei Tai at the Hair salon!

How to fold your Mei Tei

If you perfer written instructions with pictures instead of a video...
A REALLY quick (less than 50 second)video on a back carry. This poor lady was a bit winded!
Mei Tai front carry
Hip carry (some REALLY annoying noise in this video~I wish they would have taken that toy away from that kid!!!)

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  • Drea said...

    well.... :)

  • Drea said...

    love it :-) awe yours is so girly. I let someone try it today at Trendy tots (mine) she wants one. And then at burger king the lady (pregnant) said to email her where she can get one! WOW I should get commission! :-)

  • Anonymous said...

    I just LOVE mei tai's! I had a moby before and didn't really enjoy it, but mei tai's are wonderful!

    I love your hair by the way!

  • Anonymous said...

    Awe, she looks so cute sleeping on your back!! Love it! How cute! I have one, by someone else, but mine didn't come with a cute little case :(

  • Wendy said...

    aww! she looks so sweet sleeping:) I love the print!