Did you see Jenny McCarthy on Chelsea Lately last night?

I am not a big Chelsea Lately watcher. I have kids. I like to be in the bed and somewhat calm by 1a.m. But last night Mason had some bad night terrors and came into my room. He made a palate with all of my "fancy pillows" (shams/Euros, throws) and went back to sleep. I thought, "Well now that I'm up let me flip through the channels....."

"Oh look theres Jenny McCarthy." (I hear ALL the time how much I remind people of her. Her boisterous personality and the looks.) I don't know about the looks but oh well. I was checking out her new hair do. (I don't really like the bangs, sorry Jenny.) {Its THIS with Bangs} Anyways....Chelsea basically says to the audience...,"WHEN WE COME BACK WE'RE GONNA PISS OFF THE CENSORS."

I know that Jenny McCarthy is a big autism/vaccination advocate so I stayed on the channel.

When they returned from commercial Jenny asked the readers to call the White House to ask for the Resignation of the Director of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding! (who has done NOTHING to help stop the pandemic of Autism sweeping the country!)

THEN she proceeds to flash her hand to the camera with the White House phone number wrote on her palm.


Then she said "If you can't read that then here ya go", and pulls out a HUGE piece of paper with the number on it.

Jenny McCarthy Calls for the Resignation of the Director of the CDC. Will You Answer Her Call to Action?

She asks that you call and tell them you would like to speak with whoever would be in charge of the resignation of The Director of the CDC, Dr. Julie Gerberding.

Or, write to Hilary Clinton, Obama, John McCain, & any other candidate for president that you support. OR, write directly to the CDC:

With 1 in 150 children today being diagnosed with Autism… We are experiencing an epidemic that is being IGNORED!

Will you take five minuets out of your day to help put someone in charge of the CDC that will actually work to help the American people? Someone that will take a stand against vaccines that have been PROVEN to increase the risk of autism in our children?

I hope you do!

I’m tired of people accusing parents of being crazy for being “anti-vaccine”. PREVENTING disease is supposed to be the point….Not causing it. We want SAFE, GREEN vaccines and a safe schedule. Wasn’t that supposed to be part of the CDC’s responsibility?

I fully support Jenny McCarthy’s efforts. Dr. Gerberding has ignored the toxins in vaccines during a time when there is growing research (Dr. Mady Hornig at Columbia, DeSoto and Hitlan at Iowa, and many others) demonstrating the harmful effects of mercury, aluminum, and other adjuvants in vaccines. In addition, Dr. Gerberding has presided over a CDC that needlessly harms and kills animals (see PETA’s homepage), as well as shifting the limited bonus money at the CDC from scientists to her own aides. She also lied about the number of obesity-related deaths in the US and refused to back down after every major newspaper in the country cited more recent research that proved her wrong. It’s time for Dr. Gerberding to step down.

As far as Jenny McCarthy is concerned. I want to give her a high five for having the guts to BLAST THE WHITE HOUSE NUMBER on national tv! IF you DO want the number email me....I wrote it down. ::snickering::

She just came out with 2 new books following her previous TWO that I OWN (and LOVE)

HERE is a preview of the Chapters of Belly Laughs. (guide to pregnancy)

HERE is a preview of Baby Laughs. (guide to the 1st year)

Life Laughs I haven't got but Its next on my list.

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  • Adventures In Babywearing said...

    Oh, I didn't see this! I will have to check it out! Thank you!


  • Drea said...

    yea we are standing firm with our convictions on vaccines and not vaccinating until our kids are older and even then not getting all of them.
    I dont feel any need to rush those sort of things.

    this has been a challenge since we have a PEDIATRICIAN as a deacon and music minister in our church.. each time he we come in to the office he ask when we're getting taite vaccinated ;-) im like "eventually' ;-)

  • TwicebabiesMom said...

    My twins were born preemies in Nov.2005. Withtin the two weeks they were in the NICU, they were given a shot for Hep-B. If I had been in my right mind, I would have said NO.

    Ever since then, my twins have had the HIB shots, not measles but the other childhood bumps we get that everyone gets, and that is all. I refused to give my girls the MMR shots and today at 2.4 months old, they are very healthy and functional. Praise God! I dispise any vaccine and doctors who would pimp these dangerous shots on an unsuspecting public. GET INVOLVED AMERICA! WAKE UP, YOUR CHILDN AND YOU DEPEND ON YOUR KNOWLEDGE. Listen to Alex Jones and Dr. Stan Moneith!

  • A Teenagers Mind said...

    danggg girl you need to blogg!!!!!
    i got you beat

  • Anonymous said...

    where are you? i miss reading your blog!

  • Laura said...

    ALL her books are great!! I love that gal. She gives parents of autistic children a little hope, which you don't seem to see a lot of.