hmmmm . . . ????

1. I ♥ ♥♥ kisses! My kids, my husband when he lets me. . .P.D.A.!!!! {Public Displays of Affection!!} I'm kinda sad that Mason is getting so big now. He sometimes cuts me off in public! :-( And well Clint isn't very lovey dovey. :-( and Terri isn't a kissey baby either. DANGIT I'M SCREWED. . .ANDREA can I have Taite??????? :-D

2. I like feet! Well let me rephrase that. . . I like my feet and my kids feet and even Clints big ol stinky feet (size 13.5)! He really has soft feet (most likely because I lotion them up so well~I'd rather have to do those big ol stinky feet instead of ALL that BACK~Can you say hand cramps??)

3. I have a burnt Christian Cd of all my Favorites and I have seriously listened to it non stop for the past three? weeks!!!! After Clint has been in the car I might listen to the radio for a few minutes but then BAM! its on. Mason knows the words to most of the songs and he even has favorites!!! One of which is the #1 song My Savior My God by Aaron Shust. Or We Live by Superchick (odd choice for a FOUR year old) he likes the corus...WE Live We Love We For-But give and Never Give Up. . . But when Mason says it it sounds like "We Wive We Wuv We for-Give and Never Give up..."

4. I bite my lips when nervous or maybe just when they are cracked...idk

5. I was raised by my father along with my brothers. Daddy you ROCK!!!

6. I HATE CHERRIES!!!!!!!! ::Barf!!:: I don't like coconuts are raisins but I DO like pina colodas and grapes! It's a texture thang! Other than that I WILL eat ANYTHING!!!!

7. ohh yeah #7. . . I over use . . . (that). . . and . . . !!!!!! (THAT!!!!!)

Who to Tag? Well I have no readers...well actually from my counter I DO ...a good few but no how about...Haley-O (always has great stuff to talk about),
Dee Dee over @ It Coulda been worse, and The Domestic DIva {I'd love to hear 7 randoms on her life :-D}!!

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  • Drea said...

    you are pretty PDA-ish :-) When you like gave Travis that "Awwwe" hug yesterday I think he was like "whoa." HAHA! Cause most of my friends arent that outgoing.
    He thinks your funny though.

    I dont like the cherrys you'd see in a cocktail or canned. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh cherries though, like off the bush, tree? uh....

    And I vow to listen to your "we wuv" cd tomorrow! i had no time yesterday. Its 4am.. taite just ate.. please Taite sleep through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you can borrow him for pda from 8pm-9am, hows that? ;-)
    Kidding, you can kiss him all you want. I think Caleb secretly like sit 2 :-)

  • MasonTerri said...

    ::Barf:: CHerries!! ::Barf::
    idk about fresh cherries I've never tried them. Every time I've ever ate one is was pie or canned or cocktail...GROSS!

    HA HA tell your husband I'll try to maintain my composure from now on around him!! ~LOL~ (I did say try!!)

    ANYTIME you want an all night baby sitter!!!!!! Girl I got ex-pear-ance (misspelled on purpose!) ohh and Caweb does like it!! Shhh don't tell him I know!

  • thekirnancrib said...

    yayyyy for a tag! i feel like a real blogger. :D

  • Drea said...

    whos herbert ;-)

  • Drea said...

    you'd like frssh ones their nice and crunchy! lol i love them