When is too late to start Christmas shopping? 19 days left!

::insert macaulay culkin face NOW::

so ummm...I AM very much a Christmas person. VERY MUCH! I loooove this time of year. {..first of..}I absolutely despise being HOT! UGH! I love that people are in better moods, or wait MORE LIKELY to be in better moods! I love the smells...apples and cinnamon...fresh baked ANYTHING! Little cold/pink noses.... piles of leaves....mounds of snow....I LOVE IT ALL! Not just the presents and trees and all that hoopla. But hey come January at my house and it takes a small army to pack up all my decor. I have a TON!

This will be the first year that I have JUST done the tree ...oh and the fireplace. :o) I am just not with it yet and daddy just doesn't have it in him to climb up a latter and get down and up and down 15 gagillion times to go around the banisters and along sides the house. nah. we're passing this year. I hope Santa can still see the house.


ok so....we haven't even STARTED.
yeah. NOTHING. :-/

>:puts head down in shame:< SInce I wrote a WHOLE POST explaining what we were gonna do different this year and what we WERE going to get the kids and what Santa was bringing (all of this before my internet crashed) but since its no longer here and I really need SLEEP...its gonna have to wait till 18 days before Christmas...oh wait THATS TODAY! whoops!



I came across THIS TODAY....CLICK IT!... go ahead!

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  • Anonymous said...

    Oh, you still have plenty of time!! LOL. and you've been down(or something?) so you have an excuse. I love this time of year too, but I hate snow. I hate being hot, but hate the snow. I guess there's just no pleasing me! ha.

  • Jade said...

    It is NEVER TOO LATE to start Christmas shopping Girl. If you know that you aren't going to see the person until after Christmas , the best day to shop for them is....the day after Christmas. I think re-gifting is fine. It's like recycling, by not helping our economy, but helping our pockets. If you gave me a Marc Jacobs bag, and it came from someone else, I dont care! I'd be grateful, and really-they would probably be grateful too, that someone who appreciated it, got it (ok-not really, and you'd be a fool to not appreciate the gift). I think if you are re-gifting and careful, it only makes sense, and if the thought of "wow,April would really like that" comes into mind before you give it to April, then that makes it even better.C'mon...we all do it! (I usually don't, because I like to keep everything)