Taking Bubby to school -- Pit stop!

It started to get so cold the first week of December. so this is our go to school gear.

...and occasionally we stop for a coffee/cappuccino/hot cocoa

we get in the gas station and she wants her own. ugh! the owner gives her one for free... he loves her "face"

Oh Lord I've created a monster!!!

nothing like a little hot cocoa and cheese crackers to go with her word world. haha
actually she turned on the tv by herself and said she was "gonna watch the NEWS MOOMMMY!"

the little monkey!

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  • Weaselmomma said...

    Great little blog you have here. Very fun and I love your Christmas party tips. Thanks for coming by World of Weasels. I hope to see you around lots.

  • RhondaLue said...

    you are my kind of girl!!! FUNNY AS ALL GET OUT! I'm so with ya on the Christmas tips.

    Oh and your kiddos are nothing short of beautiful. And to answer your question. Yep, dem kids are alllll mine...and my hubbies-together, no ex's or other baby mammas. (I get asked that all the time)

    And I don't know how you found my blog but I'm so glad you did. Imma start stalkin' you now!

  • Messy Jess said...

    I love your sense of humor! Thanks for stopping by - Do you have a story to tell? Would love to hear it!

    I took a button!!

  • Michelle said...

    The coffee shops have it right selling hot cocoa to kids and hooking them early! :) Your daughter is adorable.

    To answer the questions you left on my blog:

    I have never done digital scrapbooking. Well, I have tried it, but I stick with paper and scissors when I scrap. If you know how to use a photo editing software then digital photography is fairly easy.

    My blog is a free design from Lena Designs. If you scrol to the bottom of my blog you will see a link.

    So I can't take any credit for the way it looks. :)

  • Mikki said...

    What a cutie--watching the news, hystserical!! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and leaving a comment. I love meeting new friends.

  • Lisa Loo said...

    Looks like you have been out and about--I see lots of familiar names in your comments! I too am glad you stopped by. And--OH MY GOODNESS--how do you ever deny that face anything??!! She is just darling--those cheeks look pretty nummy!
    As for my blog background--yeah--I am completely grateful for other peoples hard work. Do those people you listed design blogs? I will have to go check it out--hope to see you around!

  • Cheffie-Mom said...

    CUTIE! Great pictures and SUPER blog!