It SNOWED for a minute and now its GONE.

The average snowfall in Charlotte is something like 3 inches..... not much huh? yeah. so when your a kid snow days are the BEST and MOST looked forward to days ever. ESPECIALLY when you get to miss school as our 6YO Mason just found out!

BUT before the snow day....they had a sleepover at Paw Paws. DOUBLE the fun. Clint and myself took a trip to the ER last night and the kids had to go stay with my dad. We left our house here about 8pm (eastern of course) and did not get out of the hospital until 2 am. TALK about tired. I was so jittery from all the coffee I couldn't go straight to sleep either. That made it twice as bad this morning when the kids called at 8:30 for their boots.

We had to go to the Emergency room for Clint (THIS TIME...cause you all know typically its me) but my husband has Mrsa(wound), along with that he has had gout in his foot for about two weeks and then last night the pain was just too much to handle. All b/c an ingrown (hes pron to them/ has had 7 or8 cut out) had gotten infected and grown around (found this out about 1 am) his toe. Click here for picture. YEP Clint took a picture of it. Blurry thank God. warning: its gross! **be thankful its not smell-o-vision! ::gag:: lol.

...waking up going to paw-paw and nanas to go get the kids....taking all the necessities boots, gloves, toboggans....

all for a few fun hours in the snow and some great family fun.

we trotted around the front of the house...then around the sides, playing with the dogs and then we explored the pasture and a few of the old barns in the very back. fun stuff. (and so DIRTY!)

We climbed into an old horse troff and hid from Terri and daddy....buuuuut they found us.

I got Daddy to pose for me in front of an old barn for this picture. Drea will be so proud!
(see that the pictures I took don't really need editting. WHOOP WHOOP. lol)


the rest are on my flickr here.

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