3 toddlers and a 5YO on a WALK! grrrr

Yep you read right! An 18 MO, 2-16MOs, and a 5 YO (on a bike) going on a walk.
TALKING ABOUT BRAVE! I decided yesterday to get all these kids OUT of the house!~

WELL. . .I most likely will not be doing that anymore! I had Terri, Kristopher (the baby I keep daily), and Tristan a.k.a Tookie. [Tookie was only with me for a couple hours Thursday and today. His mommy is taking a class at the local community college.] (trying to ease back into school after 5 kids is tough! :-D)

After being in the house for an hour with all four was just driving me nuts on such a nice day.

I HAVE AN IDEA LETS GO A WALK. . . (famous last words)

Those kids they scattered like roaches when the kitchen light comes on. I 've never personally seen roaches scatter, but if you hear an expression once or twice it sticks. Is that a southern thing? ..."like roaches scatterin" lol

no really, those babies were holding hands for about the first twenty feet(5 seconds), then all of a sudden BAM! one went east, the other west and the third NORTH! lol.

NEVER AGAIN! (and I live in a cul-va-sac so its not that bad!) I went around the circle then upon passing my house I popped BACK in to get a sling, stroller and a LEASH! (kidding on the leash part.) AHHH BABYWEARING, A Life made so much easier! :-D

(Kristopher was in the stroller) My camera died before I got a picture of him taking a nap during leaf play time!

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