ECing victory!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been working with Terri ECing since last April (I think) That would've made her 10 months old(right?). Well, last week SHE went 4 days total with underwear on. Three of those days, only ONE peepee accident, ONE of those days NO ACCIDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (SHE WAS wearing a cloth diaper at nap times!!)

BUT COME ON 18 MONTHS OLD and only 1 accident a day! AWESOME!! I don't think I deserve a pat on the back either. This is all Mrs. Terri Jades doings. She walks up to me and says "eww peepee" or else I hear the toilet lid slam and thats my sign!

I hand her some reading material and off she "goes"! :-DM

Too bad she is training in her big brothers old undies! LOL! I am persistent on calling them panties. I don't want her to think that she can always wear her brothers underwear.
Can someone please tell me why my daughter talks NON-stop all day long, but as soon as I turn the camera on the gets quiet? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I should keep it on all the time for a little peace and quiet shouldn't i?

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  • kailani said...

    What a great milestone! You should be very proud of her. Baby Bug just turned 2 and we're nowhere ready to start potty training!

  • Wendy said...

    That's awesome:) What a big GIRL!! Get her some pwetty undies!!:P Oh, and Lani shuts up as soon as I turn on the camera also. It must be a girl thing.

  • Drea said...

    yay for terri! now dont go sit her on an airport toilet. Caleb was the same way at 18 mo. then I ruined it by doing that and he refused to potty again until 2.

    We need to get her some real panties LOL.

  • Anonymous said...

    go terri go!! i agree that she needs some real panties! LOL

  • thekirnancrib said...

    hehehe!!! I love the underwear... but I too agree... pretty pink panties are a must. that so awesome that she is practically potty trained at 18 mo.. wooo hoo!!!!

  • Andrea said...

    Hey ya! Cute blog! You posted about the bumpkins on mine. I think I'll wait on purchasing anything else until I figure out what the deal is with cloth. We're leaking. Ack! We're figuring it out though.
    Oh and yea, I was totally ticked off about my fake Fuzzi Bunz, but the smoke coming from my ears is minimal now. ha ha!

    I remember first hearing about ecing and I thought people were CRAZY! Now I'm having second thoughts. Landen is 2.5 and I really need to work with him harder at potting training. Ahh!
    I need some motivation.

    Well, I'll probably be back to visit again.

  • emily said...

    way to go! That's huge! It's the small victories that feel so good...don't you think?