Our pets need clothes too!

Quick Post....

I am cleaning out closets [and TOY boxes] today, which is a must before the holidays. I just wanted to tell you that Sheena AT Sophistishe.Org IS . . . .cleaning out closets too and having... Caesar's Closet Giveaway!

GO SIGN UP TO WIN some cute little doggie clothes for your tiny little pooch!
ALSO included is....My Conservation babys doggie T (LOUIE CAN wear this one!)

I'm sure my FAT King LOUIE is too big for the other stuff but I know that my neghbors just got a new LITTLE addition to their family and I would love to win for them!

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  • Sheena said...

    You get an A++ for your extra usage of buttons! Your little Louie and my Caesar are probably the same size right now. He's in the teens at least, a little plumper! So much for "toy" dogs, lol.