Quick update!!!

TWICE today I have gotten ALL three 1YOs to nap at the same time!! WITH the help of my trusted sidekick of course!!

I have tons of pictures. I will try to get them posted after my meeting at church tonight. That is IF I don't crash and burn! Okay never mind I will post them now just don't ask why my little girl is in all blue. :-)

Also cotton babies is having a seconds sale tonight.

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  • Drea said...

    I got to the seconds sale on time.. but im good on diapers.. so I restrained myself :-)

    that lil boy Tristen? hes so stinkin cute. Not as cute as my burgers but hes pretty close.
    And am I seeing things or is Terri sporting one of our tye dye socks?

    Christopher is a big boy!

  • Wendy said...

    You rock...I am glad they all slept so you could relax!!

    They all are so adorable:) Of course Terri is the cutest!! HEE!