I've got to crash sometime right?

I didn't go to bed last night till well after 3 am and I am still going. Its now 11:20.

I have company coming this weekend, and extra 1YO for the entire weekend and Andrea is also coming in town. So I want my house IMMACULATE! Well let me rephrase that I want it pretty dern clean. I don't want to have to do anything put chase kids. I am preparing meals in advance tomorrow for Saturday, and trying not to go insane cleaning Masons pigsty! I am still stopped up and my allergies are ....BLAH! I am thankful today that my girl Keziah came up and spotted me with the kids while I straighten up. She totally rocks in my book! Even if she is just standing guard at the door keeping the boys outside or changing a diaper. She has definitely got a pedicure coming!
I swear that Terri was having a super duper cute day today. Mason on the other hand was having a masively dirty day. He played outside in the dirt and crawled around in the grass for hours with Nic Nic! I had to practically hose them off. kidding but No really I had to bleach my tub when they got out. It was soo bad!

Back to the cuteness...Keziah and myself COULD NOT get her to look at the camera today. For nothing. The people behind us have chihuahuas and they were barking causing our boxer to bark and she was just overwhelmed.

Here are the kids outside today anyways.

There is only one picture of Kristopher in the slide show b/c in all the photos of him he had his eyes closed. He is so cute! AND FLUFFY! (it was hot out this evening)
[images were removed due to annoying music]

So tomorrow you will not be hearing from me. I will have my hands full with the trio of toddlers. Oh and a few 4 ALMOST (wahhhh my BABY is about to be 5 in a few days) 5YOs mixed in. Oh and Keziah WILL be here as soon as she gets done with school to lend that AWESOMELY FABULOUS TERRIFICLY WONDERFUL hands of hers!~

Oh if you were wondering where the additional 1YO is friend Mandie and her husband are going away for their very fisrt weekend getaway together. They have 5 children and this will be their first time away together with NO kiddos! (before marriage doesn't count)

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Plus go check out TERRI in her new Halloween COSTUME!!!

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  • Drea said...

    she does look super cute and keziah is such a pretty girl.
    dont worry bout your house ;-) you got a lot on your hands!

  • Wendy said...

    I loved the slide show! Lani was clapping and laughing at "baby"!! I tried to get it on video, but she would not cooperate once the camera came out! What a booger...

    I love Terri's hair! I am going to make Lani watch this over and over until she must wear pretties in her hair :P

    Don't stress out to much about the extra kiddos!! I will miss my chat buddy!!!

  • Kell Rees said...

    Terris hair looks so cute in little pigtails. I can't believe you guys are still wearing shorts. I had to put Hailey in her winter coat this mornign to take caiden to school.

  • Andrea said...

    Keziah looks like such a gem...wish she lived close to me too! hehe :)