First night of VBS. . . .

All in all the fist night went....well, there were no hurt, lost or damaged kids GREAT!!! We got to church around 5:30. If I could get my DS to but on his own shoes and shorts I could get out of the door that much faster! ;-) But I did get there in time to get 2 hotdogs and chips and some beans. Of course I missed out on the french fires! WHats up with that? (Started at 5:30, but the summer camp kids were already there from the day.) I also had to be "briefed" on to whom my team would be and to what would be the order of the night. Note to self. . .next year have a less testosterone driven group of kids. I belive I have 14? kids and 3 of those are little girls. GREAT!!! ::insert sarcasm here:: I know the majority of my group, and three of these kids are my neighbors. So I can say "you want me to tell yo Daddy?" (yes I would say "yo daddy") I have a FEW wild ones. . .but I've already worked it our w/ Pastor Michael. He will take the unruley the ones that act out of hand {?!?} off my hands! I wnat them to learn and have fun but some of these kids to run laps at home before they come to Vacation Bible School!!!! I got a few great pictures and hopefully will again tonight! Mason tried to sneek in my group of big kids a time or tow...but he had fun nonetheless! (There is no way I could be in charge of his group....I'm glad I got the wild big kids!) :-D I got to make a Locoust...and Masons group made crowns fro crafts. I love my Loucust...he slept with mason last night. (Ahhhhhhh arts and crafts!!) What ever I make ends up being Masons!!!

Well I'll update this afternoon. . . .I am at Clints uncles company "running the front desk"!! Talk about a dream job. I come in at 9 a.m. and leave at 2p.m. I have to answer the phone (which has rang 2 times ...its now 11 oclock), file a few things and ...well......BLOG!!!!! THATs IT!!! I also get LUNCH on the HOUSE!!! whoooooo hooooooo!!!!


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  • Kell Rees said...

    Looks like all the kids had a good time.
    I love the video of the kids trying so hard to get there hands and arms right, too funny!