Terri's ok

Hi peoples, its Drea.
Just wanted to let you know Terri's surgery went just fine this morning! Shes back home being adorably drunk :-) Elizabeth will update later I'm sure.

*********Update from Elizabeth*********

Thanks Girl. . . So yep Terri bo berry is just fine. I'll have to scan the picture of her that they took pre-op! She had the MOST adorably pissed of look on her face like, "I don't know you...I don't know you...I don't like this room...where in the heck am I?" They gave her a teddy bear and she chucked it AS SOON as the nurse walked out of the room. She was like give me a BIPPY and HOLD ME!!!! (bippy is her pacifier) After surgery {as the waiting room lady walked us back} I heard a small commotion in the recovery room... as soon as we came around the corner I saw it... the most beautiful baby in the room, DRUNK! She was smiling and not being mommy clingy at all. She smiled and was being passed from nurse to nurse. Typically if you don't know, Terri is MOMMY CLINGY!!!!!

She did fine holding down fluids and crackers so we were released relatively quickly. On the ride home a Jimi Hendrix song came on and Terri as crunk as she was threw her hands in the air and waved them around. She then proceeded to take off her socks and stuff them in her mouth...meanwhile her head was swaying in circles b/c she was still so out of it. Too cute!!!

The one day I should of had my camera on me, it was at home with dead batteries! Poo!

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