Masons got his momma!

I missed my baby but did he miss me? Mason stayed with my dad and grandmother this weekend while we prepared for Terris surgery. I met him and Nanna (a.k.a Nannie) at the McDonalds and he was like "MOoooooooOOOOmmmmmiiiiieee" and then suddenly the excitement was gone. Eh was like umm okay so whose buying the ice cream? He is too funny! I walked him to the counter and bought him a ice cream cone...then I got him a "credit card". He loves the Shrek card...its his "credit card". I got him home and practically had to disenfect him. As he munched down on that ice cream cone I noticed the BLACK finger nails and the dirt on his clothes. He looked . . . .well. . .happy! Talking about happy. . .Terri about had a small coniption when she saw him. I then proceeded to take him to the bathroom and soaked every inch of his dirty little body in the bathtub.

After he got dried off I told him we had to check the mail, b/c no one had done it for me while he was gone. I knew a package had been dlivered earlier!!! ;-D He was so happy to see HIS name on it!! "Mommy wook wook it says MaaaaSON"!!! Awe really? (muah ha ha!) It was a package from My Rockstar baby!!! (Thanks Emily) He couldn't get it open fast enough!!! I'll have to update later with more of our pictures . . .. Tomorrow! ;-) I haven't got a chance to even try Terris new pink potty like a rockstar T on her doubt it will be GORj!!!!

Until then I'll leave you with my #1...(what? my first born is my angel baby! is my second)

We had a photoshoot!
~~Mason whispering sweet nonsense in my ear~~

Ya'll are lovin my Tinkerbell shirts aren't cha? {it says "I'm pouting...DO something!!!!"} How cute huh? (That darned wal-mart!)

I'll be back tomoorreee!!!!

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  • Amber said...

    I'm glad Terri's surgery went well. It must have been a tough day...praying for a speedy recovery for her!!

    You & your son are so cute together...what a special relationship you have :)

  • Kell Rees said...

    Mason is such a cutie!
    Isn't it hard leaving him for the weekend? Caiden is gone every other weekend at his dads, i still miss him when he goes but i'm used to it now.
    Cute pics of you and mason and you look so good!

  • Katja from said...

    What a sweet picture! I'm glad that he had a good time, it's always so hard to be apart from them, and it just makes it easier to know that they are having fun!

    Katja from skimbaco