My Mind Hurts!!!!!"

All I should have to say is
Great Cloth Diaper Hunt

Andrea told me about this Scavenger Hunt that she had on her blog. It's sponsored by http://// and let me tell you it's ADDICTING!!!!!!

I think I'm at about...ummm let me see...61 icons so far. {QUALIFIED FOR 2ND PLACE PRIZE}
The icon looks like this. . . You'd think it would just pop right out at you. . .NOPE!

Now some of these are fairly easy and they leave you clues and you follow them around the site until POP there it is!

Some of them you have to go to the hint forum ~~
which helps (in some cases) and then there are those ...that have no hints and those that you keep going and going and NOTHING!

I'm bound and determined NOT TO GIVE UP!!!!!
I never win anything or get those lovely freebies and well I want to W I N !!! But I know everyone thats playing feel the same way.
I want a cloth diapers so bad now I can taste them (sorry it was the first thing that popped into my mind), just one yep so then I can say to my husband "look hunny I already have one why don't we just get two more so we can save $$ by me alternating between these and disposable!!" {Hint Hint Wink Wink} ;-) Then in about a month of saving I can go for a few more and well I'm sure I can paypal some too!!!! YAY for me Paypal

A N Y W H O here's to staying up till 2 a.m. and looking for cloth diapers on the internet! Thanks drea! {I hope you win too . . .the nursing bra thaT IS!}

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  • susie said...

    Hi :) I am so glad you are enjoying the diaper hunt :) It is addicting, isn't it! It seems to get better and better each time.... If you ever want to "talk diapers" let me know :) I love to talk shop!


    PS I would have just written back to your email but my fricken fracken email is not sending right now :)

  • MasonTerri said...

    My husband {and myself} thinks I should get a twelve step program strated for this GCDH!!!

    Sign up. . .
    Cloth diapers anonymous:
    1. Elizabeth
    2. _________
    3. _________
    4. _________
    LOL I"m sure I can go on for days getting women [I'm assuming it's mostly women] to sign up!