Time for a change. . .

SoOOo I went to my friends house yesterday and one of the many topics of conversation {ohhh to be a fly on the wall ;-)} was hair color!

I've changed so many times over the years that even I could get confusing on what the natural color is.LOL
But from the baby and pre-teen pictures all prove is that it's (follow closely) DIRTY STRAWBERRY BLONDE.

Basically a dark blonde with a hint of "ginger" (red) ha ha Ginger!!!
Notice Masons' hair round the edges;-}

[I had to add a the video my neighbor sent me on "Gingers" ~because of Terri.]

Clint REALLY DOESN"T CARE what color my hair is or even if I have hair...short long curly it's all "fine" to him E X C E P T strawberry blonde! It's the only color of the rainbow that he doesn't like!! "WHAT?" you say. "Your husband doesn't like your natural color?" Yep! he likes red but not strawberry! Well while I was pregnant he would tell me "I hope she doesn't have your hair" and "it better not be like yours" HA HA HA HA guess what? :D IT IS!!!

*laughing this hard really*
I ♥ it. . .REALLY!

B U T as like most women we are never satisfied with ourselves are want something new so about a month ago I went to Sally Beauty Supply and got a highlighting kit! Yep do-it-yourself! I used to pull my hair through a cap years ago in between salon trips. (much cheaper and they can "touch-up your mistakes")
But this time it didn't go so well...I fell asleep ... te he...whoops...while waiting for the bleach to set. WHOOPS I had those awfullll highlight marks around my face. It wasn't so bad after a few days and it looked pretty good after about two weeks. It was the waiting that killed me. I mean Clint wanted to take me to dinner and I almost cried when he told me that I couldn't go home to get a hat first.

ATTENTION:All you @ home highlighting Gingers out there! Don't let this happen to you!

The first people to see my hair after I did this to it was Donna and Rob my neighbors. It's bad when a man notices your hair has been changed and makes this face...

{No this isn't ROB!}

And Donna {As totally sweet as she is} says"Y would you do that...your natural color WAS so pretty"!!

SoOOo Of course I wish I had left it alone AFTER the fact...."the grass is always greener" Right!?!


We were discussing GOING DARKER. Another friend of mine, Marie offered to highlight my hair (before i flubbed it up) and then she said "Or you can go darker ya know it's I N this year"! So as me and Andrea are talking about her color I start thinking about mine! Why should I have to keep the highlights from Hades and just because I'm a mom of two doesn't mean I can't be with the "in" crowd!

I'm totally kidding if you know me . . .you know that I care less about whats going on "NOW" and what this seasons fashions are!!!


So last night after church I go to Wally world with the kids. I have $8.41 left on a gift card and I'm on a mission! Mason was too, to get me to the toys as quickly as possible! So I head for the color and the cheapest they have is $2.97 (I have to buy 2 boxes for the amount of hair I have.) ;-} Then reluctantly I put it in the cart.

OFF TOPIC but don't you love these. . .

Terris at that age ya know where they can't sit in the carseat (and don't want too)
But yet you don't want them in those germ infested buggies!

Well then I'm off to the TOYS whoopie! Mason is one of those kids that will NOT throw himself on the ground for toy and you have to drag them outta the store kicking and screaming. NOPE not my lil angel. He understands that "mommy doesn't have as many dowwars as Nonnie" He's trained! So we head to the toys and there it is "the End Cap" Ever mommy knows where the deals are! @ the end of the ilse! A box of hair color 2 for $ 8. 47 and it was a name I knew!

Loreal Excellence Creme #5RB
I got this color knowing that it would turn out darker than what it shows on the box. Because I'm so light headed. Well as I colord it turned this crazy blackish shade of purple. Whatever! I stuck with it and waited the entire thirty minutes and this is what happened. . .

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  • thekirnancrib said...

    you are gorgeous either way! my hair used to be really long, too, and I hated that there never seemed to be enough dye in one box... recently I saw an ad for a hair dye especially for long hair, like double the amout of dye in the box. too late now, but maybe for next time! :) Your kids are adorable!