Nothing to talk about but bread, wine, and this new fly thingy!!

SOOO nothing new today!! I promise nothing at all!! I am however munching on some AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD {so so soooo good!!} & drinking a glass of Kendall Jackson Pinot Noir! Yummy! ahhh ha ha I have to write about this then I'm done!!
F L I E S!!!
Clint is well...he was sheltered as a child lets just say, and I on the other hand WAS NoT !! So as a child when CLINT got a fly in the house he probably screamed for his mommy {may she r.i.p.} to come and get it!! ANd me on the other hand would grab WHATEVER was around and S P L A T T !!!! I mean flip flop, newspaper, place mat...whatever!!! ha ha you know what i mean! As a matter of fact {this is kinda embarrassing} my grandmother (in the summer time) used too and still may keep a fly strip hung to her ceiling fan. AHHHHH HA HA HA
**laughing hysterically!!**
I remember the first time Clint saw it and said "ohhh God some of those flies are older than US" ha ha ha!!! You know how old people are they never throw anything away!!! Clint did have a point the flies were pretty funky. I mean if you have dust on a fly trap it's too old!! Poor Nana!! ♥ her! I think it killed it for him on the fly traps when my friend Holly had one in her kitchen {gorgeous house in a "pricey neighborhood" she was just fed up} So I thought for sure Clint would never want a fly trap in HIS know where I'm going don't you?!? Yep he came home today with not ONE but TWO!!
He can't stand it when he comes home {even if the house is spotless~~yeah right} and there is even one fly in the house! OCD?? Probably.
So he has M E {he doesn't know how to "use them"}
hang T W O of these out side our front door.
He want to do this every night
so that it will "collect the flies"
But I think he ASSumes I'm gonna take them down everyday. ohhhhhhh Lord help me!

I have one other new fly thingy in my life!!!!
This is so great someone else to get me on a cleaning schedule...not that my house isn't clean enough for my standards!!

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