Painting Done....Some Posed Pictures

Mason snapped another good picture. Not bad for a 5 year old I keep saying but its really not bad at all. I wasn't even expecting it and then BAM in focus and everything.

Then of course he wanted to pose for a picture of himself.

Little smooooooozer!

...and then one together.

Like the new wall color? MUCH MUUUUUCH better than the awful yellow that was.

Also a big oh HUGE thank you to Misty for the rockin new cut and color!
A bit of a drive, but if your near Charlotte area you must go to Echo! ;-)
I'm serious, not only did I get cut & color, I got fed, head, neck and shoulder massage and the salon has internet service if you must work or check emails! :-)
You might pay a little more but you can feel the difference when you leave!
Two weeks later (a new flat iron) and I STILL LOVE IT! Not one hair out of place, and styles the same as the day I got it done!

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