Dr Results are in.

sortof. :-/

I'm way too tired to share all the details of the visit today and Monday. But the 3-D ultrasound showed some new things. (not good)


first the endometriosis has to be rechecked by a laparoscopy (not my first time going under the knife for this; It isn't major . . .its just to look around at the endo and the DAMAGE its done!).

where was I? oh...have you ever had a dr tell you that your ovaries look like a chocolate chip cookie? I have! awkward. visually unappealing. seriously. so that being said. I have an enlarged uterus and ovaries. They see fibroids in the uterine cavity. The cysts that are on my ovaries have formed scabs!?! okay...basically I had a nurse scheduling an appointment and the dr talking to her and then me and talking about my chocolate cysts. . . I just need my pillow!!!!!!!!

DO NOT get me started on my sons first day of school today!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll post about that tomorrow! (school wasn't bad...the TRANSIT WAS HORRID!)

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