Oh Happy DAY~~!

Good news....

My hubby gave me the okay to go tonight and pick up a new camera! :-D
(remember the other weekend we had our car broken into.)


I got the upgraded version of my "old" (which wasn't old) camera.

A Canon Powershot Sd 870!


More Good news.....

Our Church Choir is in a contest on ...

The other two churches are out to an early strong lead so GO VOTE FOR LFBC!!

Go to this link:

When you scroll down you will see three song choices. We are the third one down. Living Faith Baptist Church “We Give You Glory”

Right below that is the ballot. Simply click on "We Give You Glory" - Living Faith Baptist Church in Charlotte and you have voted!!!!!!!

Tell your friends and family to vote too. Its SOOO EXCITING!!

The winning song will have their church mentioned and their song played on the air on Monday May 26th at 5:30PM. This is a chance to let Charlotte and surrounding areas know about us!

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  • Amber said...

    I checked out the 3 songs and I voted for you guys!! Not only because I like YOU :) but because I truly liked that song the best!!! Good luck!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  • Andrea said...

    Yay! New camera's are awesome. ;) And I'm gonna head over right away and give you a vote!

  • Becoming Me said...

    I loved my first visit to your blog. I found your from Adventures in Babywearing. Congrats on the camera and I promise to visit your church band.

  • Wendy said...

    YAY!! I was hoping that he would get you a new camera. I have the same one but I think it's a SD900! I don't know but I am too lazy to get up:) Oh...I voted!!

  • Stacey said...

    I wanted to go vote, but the site seems to be down right now.