The Tree with Pictures!

As promised I am posting a picture of our tree. I love my SNOW MEN, SANTA, GINGERBREAD, PEPPERMINT, R E D THEME!!! {hint hint wink wink!!}

ISN'T IT BEAUTIFUL!!! I know I know!

*Click to enlarge*

Terri was POUTING!!! Mason took her paci! MEAN bubba!

I signed up for the Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Kailani is hosting

Tisha of CrAzY Working Mom will be my trading buddy.

NOW I just have to go see if she has posted a picture of her tree yet. THEN tomorrow its off to go find aOrnament for her!!

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  • Wendy said...

    I love your tree! I love all the same ornaments:) Plus all the cute ones Wesley has made. I joined the swap also but my partner isn't getting in touch with me!! BOO!!!

  • Drea said...

    I do like your tree. I think the train and ribbons my fav. touch :-)
    I took pics of ours tonight but their not great pics. My canon lens zooms so much (its meant for close ups) so I cant take a wide angle shot like I want... so its hard to capture the entire tree :-)

    gtg take caleb night night

  • crazy working mom said...

    It looks lovely! I am so glad to finally see it. :)

    I think I'll print a copy of it and take it shopping with me for some motivation. wink wink.

    It's beautiful!

  • Anonymous said...

    Love the tree! It looks great!!

  • VICTORIA said...

    Your tree is gorgeous! Is it real? I have opted for faux, sick of needles falling...I think you've inspired me to bring it in!