What to do this w/ this boy Wednesday....

Mason is CRAZY!!!!! (in a good "he got it from his momma kinda way")

How can I be SO mad and laugh so hard at this little boy all in the same day? Ohh yeah . . .he's mine.

Where to begin? Oh the mad thing...Yesterday, I had to run across the street to help one of my (elderly) neighbors. I left Mason, Terri and Nicolas (Masons bestest that lives 2 houses down) with Keziah (Nic-Nics big sister). Now remember that their mom is two houses down and I am RIGHT across the street. Well WHILE I WAS OUT....Nic-Nics brother Jonathon(8) came up, and I guess he thought it was a good idea to take the slide from the preschool playset and go "surfing"in our little pool. Mason and Nicolas thought this was a great idea and joined in on all the fun. Basically trowing in any and everything that was in our backyard. To TOP it off...Jonathon gets Clints car washing supplies and unloads in the pool. Then they go home. This morning i set IT! I'm sorry Andrea NO I didn't get a picture. :-(

SO MAD! Mason got a spankin....and then we proceeded to add to his chore list...he helped lay pine needles *(DON'T call child services, it was only one bail of needles)* then he swept the sidewalk and the back porch. He did some inside stuff along with his normal chores. And YES my 4yo does have chores to do around the house. Unload silverware from the dishwasher (that we once a week) take clothes out of the dryer, make his bed, pick up his toys and to top it off....for his tv. Man we sure are mean parents?!?!?!

Hebrews 12:6-7: "...the Lord disciplines those he loves, and he punishes everyone he accepts as a son. Endure hardship as discipline; God is treating you as sons. For what son is not disciplined by his father?

Am I looking for justification for physical punishment of my child? NO!!!! Spanking is not beating. There is a huge difference between a swat on the butt and a beating. There is no doubt that God instructed parents to spank their children when necessary. But in our society now, God's law, unfortunately doesn't mean a whole lot. You for sure won't see me living in California!! :-O


So the reason I laughed so hard?????? Well tonight after church I look out my back door to my surprise my neighbors are all (dad, mom and kids) out in my back yard cleaning out the pool. God love em! I felt so bad but they wanted to have it clean and go home to do some corporal punishment of their own. Sorry I know I'm gonna get some MAD and angry Google searchin non spankin parents. Come on people I'm a good mom...scratch that I'm a GREAT mom! To prove it.....the funny part~~~> So after I come inside and take a shower (I DID go out and help) I told Mason to have his pjs on by the time I got out. I had been planning a "pie tasting" but I got out of the shower and a little pitter patter of footsteps followed me to the kitchen. I SO figured that Monk spotted the pie and wanted some. He said "Mommy I need a snack" I said "Mason its 10:00 (I was so guesstimating) you can have some cheez its and then you need to get to bed." Well for those of you that DON'T son is crazy. One guess to what HE WENT FOR!?!?!? Heres a little reminder YEP Black eyed Peas! and YES Andrea I DID get pictures. He sat there and ate half a can of B.E.P and didn't even so much as LOOK at that chocolate creme pie that I was STUFFING my face with. So as I watched him eat I asked him if he felt bad that he got in trouble today. His reply?!? Mommy I was born a sinner and I want to be good to make you and daddy and Jesus happy!" OMG!!!! I ♥ this crazy kid.

He just SO EARNED a piece of pie and didn't even realize it.
*PLEASE Click to see the CUTENESS of my 4YOs face!*

mmmmmm ::drooling:: Hersheys Chocolate Creme Pie!!! I am so not a calorie counter but just for you guys and gals that ARE...500 cal/slice!!! (I had 2 . . .@10 at night...ewwww...gotta love the thunder in my thighs!!!LOL) ME eating my second slice...w/ Mason

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  • Wendy said...

    I can't believe that he loves those BEP's so much:) I love quirks like that! He looks so cute in those pictures.

    We have older kids in our neighborhood that have come over to "play" with Wesley and end up trashing something! I wish their parents were as helpful though! They stay away now becuase we made one of them pay for an exercise ball that she broke after being told 100 times that it was NOT a toy! Her parents were like "whatever"!! UGH!!!