Happy Birthday Papa Doug

Yesterday was my FILs birthday so of course I had to make him feel special. I made ::double gag:: a German Chocolate Cake for him. I hate coconut! EWW but not as bad as I didn't use cherries. But I was just letting you know.

So this Tuesday night I had the worst migraine but I still decided to bake the old fart greatest father n law I ever had.... :-D a cake. About the time that it came out...ohhh around 11:00ish...I heard the grunts of a very grumpy little girl. How do you make a 13mo stop whining....cram some cake crumbs in her mouth. I made it a three layer, so I had already shaved off the rounded up top portion. Guess what, she LOVED IT!

Happy Birthday PaPa Doug!!!!

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