OUt of breath and Turkey sticks...a lil painted man on the side....

Mason is too funny. . .he keeps telling me he is out of breath...then showing me how to get his breath.

I just started to give Terri these Gerber Turkey sticks and she was iffy at first but now she is like..."ooooh ooooh...ohhh"

Okay so two minutes into the video my 4Yo tries to be a playboy...he kept trying to show off his toosh...lil freak...I won't say what he did yesterday with the ring from the bubble gum machine...((whats it called...a Prince Albert?)) ROTF!!!!!

I'm guessing she like them.

Sorry for the underooos...if you haven't noticed I'm not one of those moms who has to have her kid dresses at 8 a.m.!! Mason would stay naked all day if he could.

Monday I'll have to write about our neighbor that tried to steal our boxer. (LOL)

squeeky shoes, mammas milk.....mom4 next week! ;-)

Well off to Sams...nothing like a littel Saturday grocery shopping!

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  • Wendy said...

    That was cute! I love the southern accents! Makes me miss family in VA!! Lani hated those! Big shocker, right?

  • Anonymous said...

    I just got my squeaky shoes in the mail last week! Anthony is still too small for them, but they are GREAT!!!!!

  • Anonymous said...

    I love your accent!!! I never pictured your voice like that in my head! LOL.

  • mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...
  voice? ohh why is it that no one pictures my voice like it is? lol... Keep in mind that I'm talkin to my kiddos! That DOES make a tremendous difference in the way you talk!

    I'm going to add one more thing to my newest post...go read!

  • mAsOn & tErrI's mOm said...

    Wait I still have to add this? HGow do ya'll not picture my voice as country (this goes for certain someones that will comment later on , on how souther =n my accent is!)when I use YA"Ll in almost every comment I leave to my bloggin buddies!!!

    Ya''ll can't pick on me ya hear!

  • DOMESTIC DIVA said...

    cute video!!! I remember feeding pnut those hotdog things. They smell so gross! Pnut liked watching the video mason. He keeps making me play it over and over, I hope he doesn't learn to show me his butt....LOL. With 4 kids I look at enough buts on a regular basis, oh wait make that 5 counting hubby...ROFL.

  • Andrea said...

    That is so adorable!! Oh yeah, and I totally love your accent too...of course, I'm sure you'd say I have an accent as well! haha. :) Anyways, your kids are the cutest...turkey sticks, hot wheels underwear and all!! :)