About the cut.....

So I've got the kids (yes Mason as well) down for a nap and I'm about to take a shower. (You know you have to have fresh washed hair before you chop all that crap off.) No really I have to have it washed and clean because I'm going to donate it to Locks of Love. Remember? I said that yesterday didn't I? Yea I think i did. Okay well about 4 o'clock (eastern) I'll be headed for the old chop of locks ....eeek. Ha Ha Ya'll are all scared aren't you? I'm really not. I'm excited!! Besides it grows back. I figured I might as well do it now while Terri is still young....b/c in a few years she'll most likely want to do EVERYthing mommy does.


So far A is winning...C and D are B's(good I wanted it shorter.)

LOL CLint said "eww isn't she a skank?" Talking about C/D...LOL He said "you can't get a skanks hair cut." He is a trip.

Alright shower time!!

Let me add this . . .We (Clint, the kids and myself) went shopping today for party supplies, and let me just say that PARTY CITY is ridiculous. They are great if you need a specific theme, but dang they are pricey if you just want plain colors. 20 plain pink plates are $5.99, That is just stupid!!! We left and walked right on over to Target (I love target) to get 100 plates for $3.69!!!
Ha ha ha ha na naa naa boo boo! (we did have to change the theme from pink to yellow and green~Hawaiian) Can I add that when my husband is in a good mood he is the BEST hubby ever. We had Chili's for lunch then walked around the stores and aggravated loved on the kids. He is sooo funny. . .he would tell Terri "let me get that leg" then EVERY time she would jack her leg up in the air like "come n get it!"

Alrighty until next time!!

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