THE M O B Y!!!!

On Friday my friend Andrea and I went to Presbyterian downtown to the a Babywearing group. It was hosted by But even with all the stuff there to try my favorite was Andreas MOBY I mean you would think I'd wear something that I wouldn't get to try unless I was there. Wrong!! I did try the Rockin Baby Sling, the Mei Tei, ANd even MADE Mason get in one. He wasn't pleased (mostly because he was the big guy there and everyone was checking him out.) But once I got Andreas Moby Wrap on I didn't take it off!! Here is all of us... I'm naturally a hot natured person so I thought this wouldn't work, wrong. It was soooo comfortable. I have a Baby Bjorn and even though it cost. . .well I guess now they only cost $70 dollars (I paid close to $100.00 four years ago) its not as comfy as the Moby. Another mom there said that she had one she would give me. . .YAY for me!!! Andrea said I could BORROW hers.

When I brought it home Clint wasn't thrilled that I had something else to carry Terri in that he probably couldn't wear. I explained to him that he could most likely wear it. Because he is so broad in the shoulders he can't wear the baby bjorn. Which after a short while even hurts my shoulders. It's kinda funny because when he put the baby bjorn on with Terri (as a 4 month old) she was literately in his face! So I began to wrap my GINORMOUS HUBBY in this Moby and I figured he'd be like "get it off" but he was totally into it! He even went to check himself out in the mirror!
Here are some snap shots of Clint 6'4"/300+lbs and Terri Jade 10 1/2 months/ 20+lbs!!

Doesn't it remind you of the movie THE PACIFIEST

So I even let Hunter (he used to be our next door neighbor) wear it with Terri last night.
He's like an adopted uncle to the kids.
And No he isn't ChoKING the baby!

Here is a picture of Mason (just for Laughs~he's 4 1/2)
and to prove that you REALLY can hold a 40lbs child.

Me wearing Terri changing the sheets on her crib {hands free of baby I'd like to add!}

If you would like to purchase this Moby for the new low price of $30
Contact Drea @

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  • thekirnancrib said...

    I laughed so hard at that pic of your friend and Terri... it does look like he's choking her!!! HOW CUTE that you got your husband to wear and enjoy the moby! I def want one when I have a baby... I use the baby bijorn regularly w/ the baby I nanny for, and I like it, but yes, there is something uncomfortable about it that I just can't put my finger on.... like you can only use it for so long. Terri's room is so cute!!! :)

  • MasonTerri said...

    ur a champ wrapper

  • Drea said...

    oh duh, lol sorry that was from me. heehee

  • MasonTerri said...

    Andrea what did I tell you about logging in to my accounts?



  • Drea said...

    heehee :-)

  • Amy said...

    I hear Moby's are really great, actually. I think I'll buy one for the next baby...who hasn't even been conceived yet. Ha ha!

  • MasonTerri said...

    I love HER Moby!!Too bad they went out of town today b/c she came by and TOOK IT BACK! I really do hope to get my own!! My sister n law wore it yesterday (6 months pregers) while carrying T-baby and she LOVED IT!!!