He's finally done it [...]

Mason has finally accomplished doing it himself!! Riding his bike that is! Notice all the gear? Thats right!! I kinda think that this is funny and ironic at the same time. I was raised by my father and definitely was a tom-boy/girl. So for me riding dirt bikes, four wheelers, horses
I never wore "protective gear". I'm sure I sometimes didn't even wear shoes. LOL So when I "suit" Mason up to go ride his bike {all of 18" off the ground} with all this equipment on I think its funny. Ohh don't get me wrong I didn't go rush out and buy all this stuff when he started to ride by himself. The helmet is an extra one of my neighbors and the knee and elbow pads I found at my grandmothers house. YAY freebies!!! LOL But on a serious in North Carolina is is the law that children MUST wear a helmet. I'm not sure if that is justa state law or if its nation wide. I really started to put it on him b/c I kept noticing all the kids around the neighborhood had their stuff on and my lil guy was left out. HA HA I guess he wears it you can say to stay with the "in" crowd. I'm completely joking! Mason {much like his momma} is as clumsy as they come. My father often wonders how I'm still alive....I seriously have walked into more walls than anyone you have ever met!! (I'm assuming that is!) I've never broke any bones tho. . .wow!!!

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