Well let me start off by's been a while! I have a few drafts that I haven't posted but I promise for my FOLLOWERS that I'll get back on the ball!

sO Drea has given me the inspiration to get Back on the Blog. . .ha ha (Sorry when your around kids all day stuff like that REALLY is funny!!!) So Monday, April 2nd was a busy day!!! I completely forgot that I promised my neighbor that I would take her to a Dr. appt. (she called me about an hour before the appointment.)ANd if you have children you know that you can be warned two days before and appointment and still be LATE!!!

Back to the point at hand...Best Shot Monday. I do have a 9 month old and she does need a nap still (Thank the LORD)but during this time my 4 year old gets his "MOMMY FIX"!!! So today we had Play-Doh time!!! I really don't know where I found the time!!! But how cute is he playing Veterinarian w/ his Play-Doh kit? (ohhh and I widely SUggesT a BIG tubberware bucket for all your Play-DOh supplies and a tall hiding place!!!)
Mine is above the washer and dryer~~Mason knows it is supervised play when that stuff comes out!!! (But his friends see it and the "oooohhh ohhhhh Mrs. Elizabeths' start"!) ;)

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