Happy 6th Birthday and a Tetnus to grow on!

Mason turned 6 years old yesterday. October 16th 2002 my big boy was born....

*A big thank you to Miss Andrea for the super cute PJs and box of goodies!*
Today he is the most thoughtful, caring, polite, and genuinely sweet well mannered little boy that I could have ever been blessed to call my own. :o) can add a little goofy to all of that too. I think it makes for a pretty well rounded child!

Daddy took Mason for a ride around the block on his friends bike. *His birthday ride*
As I sit here typing I'm struggling.... ya see I spent 4 hours tonight in the emergency room. I got a stuck with some rusty nails yesterday. I guessed since it had been some time since I'd had a tetnus shot that I had better, but with it being Mason birthday I thought I'd wait till today. BIG MISTAKE!!!

CAN YOU SAY LOCK JAW? For those of you that know me (and how much I talk) this is pretty funny. It might be funny to me tomorrow, but for right now.....NOT SO FUN. I'm serious. I got stuck by some rusty strip nails yesterday at lunch time. By 5o'clock tonight I had a pretty decent headache so I came home and showered. I say came home because for the past few days I've spent my time helping Clints Aunt and Uncle flip a house . I was ripping up carpet when my pinky finger got cut with some rusty nails.
SO by 6 I was in the Urgent 6:30 I was being sent up the street to the ER. I wasn't even taken back for the triage or to get my insurance information until 7:30-7:45. It was SOOO busy. By 8:00 I couldn't open my mouth.
POOR ME. I'm glad I had my Amerge (migraine medicine) in my purse or I wouldn't have been lucky enough to make it to the bathroom to barforino! (yes you CAN throw up with lockjaw! Its painful!)
Two shots of toradol later and A TETNUS shot and I'm off for home

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