This is How We Do Breakfast.

Random post I know.

THIS is how I do breakfast/lunch/dinner.

Kids around Table, bibs on...SOMEONE fussing for something they can't have or don't need, and me standing to eat. Fun huh? I do have a chair to sit in, but why should I sit when I'm gonna have to get up three or four times during each meal? riiiight!

Mason wanted to show Mrs. Mandie that "Tookie" does eat. Well sorta. lol actually not much at all. :-/ skinny mini!

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  • Wendy said...

    LMAO!! My meals look so similar:) I should post mine sometime. I don't even bother eating with them. I just wait until they are all done or napping. Especially since most of my kids (the ones I watch) are spoiled and wont feed themselves. UGH!! Off to give them lunch now actually.