A video for Lani...

SKIP THIS POST unless you are a 18 month old little girl. OR boy! ;-D

Trust me you'll be BORED!

A day (or ten minute video) in the life of Terri Jade!

Dear Lani,

I want to play with you and I want to NOT share with you. I want you to keep off see my pretty pink chair in my pretty pink room.

I know that you drive your mommy nuttso sometimes so my mommy made a video for you to watch. HOPEFULLY it will buy your mom TEN minutes of potty time! ;-D

Love Terri Jade!!

MY Thoughts after watching the video....

*NO I don't typically bait my daughter with gummie worms! She doesn't ever finish a gummie, Bubbie usually finishes it off for her!*

*Why was I tugging at her head like that?*

*What was that crap under my couch?*

*Maybe I should've done MY hair before I was on video!*

*Did you hear my grandmother asking if I'd highlighted my hair yet*

(I told her 10 times that I was taking a video YET she was still persistent on talking about the most UNNESSacary stuff you've ever heard!) B/c of Nanna I clipped 6 minutes worth of video!!! lol

Last but not least...


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  • Wendy said...

    aww! I can't wait to show Lani this:) Man you did a great job. I am so going to try the gummy worm thing on Lani. Maybe I can get at least one little pretty pony in her hair. Ph and you don't sound like a hillbilly at all;)

  • VICTORIA said...

    I LOVE your accent! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! lol. Gummi worm thing is great! I used to bait my 2nd dtr with popscicles to get her to take a bath, yeah, bathtime with otterpops! Ha!
    I just have one do you get such long video to load? I don't know what it is with my new camera, I have the canon A560, and seems like everything I do take so long to load, or never will...any suggestions???

  • Drea said...

    very cute! :-) nice shirt ;-)