I Took A BIG Time Blogging Break!


I'll try to run through last week as quickly as possible! [remember to click images for larger view!]

OKAY...FIRST OFF...Back to blonde!

My hair color before and after...

(I know I need a better shot, but you get the idea!)

Some blonde highlights make a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! I am just blesses to have such a talented good friend! Nothing better than a hairdo for free! :-D


With the weather finally getting into the 50s around here I have been trying to get all things "weatherproofed". This means getting the pool cleaned out, sweaters and such out of the attic, Halloween decorations up and Fall/Christmas stuff down.

Over this past week I found out that there is TWO really small things I can do to get Mason and Terri Jade to do Practically ANYTHING...

Sesame Street {dot}com

and Mt. Dew Slushie!!!!

LOL!!!! [THE SLUSHIE WAS NOT MY IDEA but it definitely worked!!!!]

Look at how happy she is!

She kept bringing her potty into the living room and jumping off of it onto the couch. HILARIOUS! I didn't have enough battery life to videotape it. :-(

What next?? . . . .OHH I got my mantel decorated WITH 2 ONE YEAR OLDS AND A FIVE YEAR OLD "HELPING"!!!!

It only took me two and a half hours! I called Clint three of fours times to make sure he would call me 30 minutes before he got home. SO he wouldn't walk in and see ....THIS or THIS!!

Terri was so wore out that she fell asleep on Wednesday night like this....


Oh Turkey day....

So the day started at 7 am I cooked and cleaned and kept Terri quiet so that CLINT COULD SLEEP[till 11:45]!!!! GRRRRRR

It actually wasn't that bad. I found that DVR'd Teletubbies/Sesame Street/and or Backyardagins worked GREAT with her sippy and 53 BIPPIES!! LOL!!

So Josh and Amber came over to eat with Bryson. He slept most of the time. Whichg didn't stop me from wearing him in my lite on the shoulder sling. I'm going to order her one soon!!
Terri didn't quiet understand what the baby was doing in her crib...but he is so cute, I think she'll let him slide!

My dad showed up about an hour late. He had completely BURNED HIS ENTIRE HAND!!!! He had a cup of gas in his hand and it ignited and everything from elbow down was burnt. THe poor thing was in aggony. I FORGOT that I had an aloe plant on my shelf. He had only first degree on his arms and some 2nd degree burns on his fingers. :'-( My poor daddy!


Friday morning at 6 AM my friend Mandie dropped off Tookie and went shopping. Well...he screamed and cried for about 45 minutes and then again around 1pm he did the same thing. he was only happy being worn. ::sigh:: SO I strapped him to clint back. AHH RELIEF!

Friday night we got the Tree up and the TRAIN around it...[pictures to come]


NO really. I jammed the middle one and the 2nd to last..well judge for yourself!!!

Picture taken 20 minutes after I kicked (ACCIDENT) the chair


Ohh it doesn't hurt bad enough to pass up the 2 for $1.00 sale on yarn at A.C. More!! lol.

I prob. shouldn't have gone b/c I was suffering today!!

This morning as soon as Terri woke up she climbed up in her spot...

BTW....MY TOOTH HURTS along with my foot!!!! :-(

Also head over to DE Reviews this week. We will be hosting 2 fun giveaways!

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  • thekirnancrib said...

    your poor foot!!!! I'm sorry. :( sounds like you had a busy few days, missed you!

  • Drea said...

    Thats so funny Clint wearing Triston? At 1st I thought it was Bryson! Triston is so tiny!!!

    I feel ya on the toe issue... that looks so painful.
    Love the mantal.
    Hey you need 2 come visit me to see our house and stay a few nights.
    That be pretttyyyyy coooolll

    Buy holidays are crazy so I understand if you cant.
    I have 2 musicals im in... so all my weekends are booked. plus travis and taites birthday. travis' the 9th taites the 18th

    any who. i like the hair :-) and so glad 2 see u wearing terri.

  • Wendy said...

    WOW! You are one busy girl! Your hair looks really good. I really need to get mine done also. Your poor toes... hope it's feeling better soon :) I am glad to hear that Bryson is feeling better. He is adorable!!

  • Sharon said...

    Wow you sure have had a busy time. Aw your toe looks painful. Kids look adorable. your hair looks great, I need to do mine as my highlights have grown out.

  • Anonymous said...

    Your poor toes!! That looks so painful. Love the hair and your mantal. Glad you are back blogging... I missed ya.

  • Crazy Working Mom said...

    I dig your new hair too!!! :)

    The mantel looks great! I can't wait to see the tree. ;)

    OUCH!!!!! That toe looks horrible. Can you put a shoe on it? It looks VERY painful. I hope you feel better soon, and your poor dad...burns are miserable!

  • Jessie said...

    I am getting my hair done tomorrow for the 1st time in YEARS! I can only hope that it will turn out as pretty as yours. The Moby looks nice on Clint :)