Poor Puppies!!!

Do you know (of course you don’t but I’m gonna tell you~LOL) that my boxer didn’t even move! He was outside and I swear not one peep out of him. He was like”yea yea who cares…wheres the leftovers” now Louie (my Lhaso Apsa) was a HOT mess! Hes usually so calm and collected (yes a laid back dog) but he was freaking out. Running back and forth thru the house like a maniac! We had to play music in Terri Jades room just so that dumb dumbs bark wouldn’t wake her up!

How was your Independence day?

{Ohh yeah me and mini me #1~Mason~ got some sun~finally!!~thanks Heather!!}

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  • PinksandBluesGirls said...

    That's so funny that your boxer was totally OK with the fireworks! It's usually the big dogs that are the 'fraidy cats.

    I had a great 4th! Hope you all did too!

    By the way, you may enjoy my Throwback Thrusday photos on my other blog!! :)

    Jane, P&B Girls

  • John Kaiser said...

    My dogs slept under the deck to escape the heat of the day. It was even hot when I woke up so they didn't get their usual run, needless so say they were ticked so there was no keeping them in the house.