T G I F ! ! ! ! !

I have to make this short. . .thats always hard for me. I really do just ramble on about nothing. So I hopped over to Stephanie's blog last night. She was advertising a give away at Mason and Matisse All you have to do is fill out Mr. Linky and then you must link to the contest and Mason & Matisse in a post on your blog telling everyone all about it!

Well I didn't sign up last night (it was REALLY LATE and my mind was hurting) But I know (I'm NOT whining) I NEVER WIN!! WAAAAAAAAA {It's okay to laugh now} But I figured that since "little Miss wins everything" is going out of town for 4 days that MIGHT better chances so here goes. . .

Ohh yeah I HAD to delete my post the other day I'll go back and work on it some but DID YOU SEE THOSE PICTURES OF TERRI??? What wrong with those people over at _ _ _ _ _ _ babies?? I love their site but they didn't pick Momma T aka Princess Pudge aka Lil Momma num nums aka Terri Tutters!!!???!?!?!? (LOL) No but guess who did win (runner up) "Little Miss wins EVERYTHING" did you see her post from today? AHHHHHHHH *laughing* I'm completely joking! If anyone deseves to win its her. She is serioulsy one of the kindest persons I know. If not for her talent of her assertive calm mothering skills then for her patience listening to me all the time. It's a shame she won't be back for a few days . . .who will I call 25x a day? Ohh no. . .who will let me know which sites to go to or what to do with my new cloth diapers. . .NOOOOOOO (Ohh yeah by the way I got my order from cotton babies) Ohhh SoOOo quick!!! Three days WOW!! But seriously who will I whine to about my husband? ANDREA I know YOU JUST LEFT . . .IS IT TOO LATE FOR YOU TO TURN AROUND AND COME BACK??? WHose blog will I refresh four times a day? {inside joke}

Okay I've got a hungry lil Momma screaming for cheez-it's in the living room...GTG! Man tomorrow is already Masons' last T-Ball game and I'm sad. I love him little baseball uniform butt! Ohh yeah and we have Baby Isabelles' FIRST birthday . . .I'm already tired! DANGIT I RAMBLED!!!!

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