Ok, so we all know that times are hard today. Our economy is looking very sad. We aren't dying our legs with tea bags and drawing lines on the back of our legs with markers yet ( Panty Hose aren't a necessity these days) or dying our lips with pistachios and M&Ms...and hopefully things will pick up before we have to...but until then, it would be idiotic to spend $$$ the way we did when Clinton was in office. Even if YOU aren't hurting, knowing or seeing someone who is, can give you incentive to budget. Cosmo thinks that a "steal" is a pair of Rock and Republic Jeans, well many of us are Moms...and we understand that we need to be more reasonable. We arent a character from Sex in the City anymore, and while Jimmy Choo's and Robert Cavalli are GREAT, we have other things that we need to take care of. But still, letting yourself GO, should never be an option. And for you thrifty Mama's you may already know, but here are a few tips for those of us who didn't.

Let ME [http://jackie-ohhhh.blogspot.com/] know if you have any you'd like to add. I'm just filling in here while Elizabeths out of town. Thought I'd change it up a bit per her request!

  • Scaley Winter Lips? Don't go to The Body Shop and buy their LipBuff stick. It feels good, but is a waste of $$$. Instead, get some Vaseline or a greasy balm if you have any (I love Keihls, and I use it regularly,so no added $$$) and apply to your lips, then take a toothbrush and polish the dead skin off of your lips. Your lips, and hopefully your MANS, will thank you!!!

  • Dont waste your $$$ on going to the Brow Bar at Benefit anymore! You can easily do your own brows at home, with Sally Hansen's Facial Wax Kit! The great thing is that you dont need strips, just heat up the wax, apply to WHATEVER AREA NEEDS TO BE WAXED on face, and once it has cooled... peel wax off firmly, in the opposite direction of hair growth. It's pretty mistake proof, and will not only save you time, and a pretty penny, but you have it at your convenience, any time needed-AND its not very messy! Just dont overwax and don't wax the same area twice in a week. If you mess up, wait!

  • Cornmeal makes a GREAT facial scrub. It's harsher than most exfoliants that you buy in a drugstore, but very similar to a Micro-Derm abrasion Kit. Here is the trick. Remove makeup with a gently make-up remover.Get a washcloth wet with as hot of water as you can stand. NOT SCOLDING, if you can stand that, just warm enough to get your face a lil Rosy, and open your pores.Dip wet finger tips into cornmeal (not the kind you buy already mixed for cornbread-THE REAL STUFF) and massage your face in a circular motion for one minute, or longer if you need more buffing. DONT BUFF your purdy lil face away though. BE gentle, but some redness can occur, which is ok. Rinse face, and wash with a gentle cleanser (Dove, or even Cetaphil if your skin is very dry). Then use astringent and moisturizer as needed!I think even the oiliest of skins (is oiliest a word?) need a moisturizer.

  • Baby Oil and Vaseline are good eye-makeup removers for bedtime. Your eye makeup wont stay on if you do it during the day, and I think its best to use before you wash your face. A lil goes a long way!

  • Your Granny was on to something when she said that "Hot oil treatments WORK"! They really do, but only to a certain extent. No matter what your Mama told you about cutting your hair makes it grow longer, that is not so. This is not too hard. Does your hair grow from the ends or the root, Ladies? Pat yourself of the back if you said "ROOTS". Ok, since we know this, WHY would women think that cutting your hair at the ENDS make your hair grow longer. This is not logical. It does help your hair from splitting, which can make hair appear shorter, but otherwise, it is a myth. Your hair once it has grown out of your scalp is as Dead as Tupac! You can pretend like it is alive, but its not! Once hair has been DAMAGED, good luck REALLY completely restoring it! You can add protein, oil,or what-have-you, but all you can do to actually restore it, is chill with the hairspray, heat and bleach and try to CLOSE your CUTICLE. HOT OIL treatment may help. VO5 is cheap, but ineffective. Olive Oil is great (if you have some at the house) and heat it up in the microwave, until hot to the touch, but ONCE AGAIN, not scolding or hot enough to fry chicken in.I leave my on for an hour. Gisele B. leaves hers on over night. Be careful around the roots though.

  • Dry Scalp? Rub witchazel through your scalp and massage with finger. I like to use a thing you use to baste the turkey, and make sure it ONLY TOUCHES your sclap and roots. $.89 at the drugstore.

  • ALOT Cheaper than Spanx........ Saran Wrap. Only for your belly and I wouldnt do this often. You will sweat out water weight, but this is temporary.I have done it before, but dont do it often.The trick is to wrap tightly and its best when wearing a dress with pantyhose, so you can pull pantie hose over the wrap. Don't just do waist. DO all of torso, to lower waist, almost hip. I have done this to fit into a bridesmaid dress that I was 5 cheeseburgers away from fitting in. It helped, but like I said..only for special occasion

  • Another "only for special occasions" tips is to use Hemorrhoid Cream for two different reasons. One is for cellulite (when do you show that much flash at a special occasion, accept for a pageant..exactly where I heard this tip) and it only lasts an hour or so...just rub that nasty,sticky goo on your rear, and watch those dimples shrink up (hello...what does hemorrhoid cream do to hemorrhoids) Same goes for puffy eyes. Ex-boyfriend broke up with you and you were crying all night. He'll never know when he sees you the next day, if you dab a lil Prep-H on those puffy eyes (be careful to avoid inside of eyes) and yellow concealer for the dark circles, and you look well-rested and happy.

  • Want to make Lips look bigger??? The Sharpie look is out unless you are .........I wont go there. Anywho, just line your lips with matching color as your lipstick, THEN just in the center, add a light gloss, with a pearl finish. You know the color that you haven't used in FOREVER...yep-that one, just put a dab in the middle, and blot.

  • Of course, clear mascara for eyebrows, blah blah

  • SPRAY HAIRSPRAY on your finger and then pat on your lips for true Lasting Lipstick. Trust me girl, it wont budge, but make sure your lips aren't chapped...OW!

  • Run out of concealer? Get a Q-tip and scrape the foundation out of the cap of your foundation. Its thicker and can cover a blemish.

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